hungrytommy was the original website and food blog from which the Concord Culinary Lyceum was conceived. Starting out focused on pictures to make you hungry, it began as a collection of picture of the food I ate. It also featured restaurant reviews, both good and bad. More recently, hungrytommy has expanded into cooking and cocktails. Sharing recipes with followers lead to the Lyceum and a love of gin provided the foundation for The Juniper Society.

Today hungrytommy is focused on restaurant recommendations. I stay positive, meaning if you read about a restaurant here, I think it is worth a visit. If you want to see the restaurants that I don’t like visit me on Yelp. As in the past, Quick Bites feature casual restaurants or often a single dish. Travel Bites feature food outside the Boston area. These are places I enjoyed on vacation and hope you might too.

I will also be sharing full restaurant reviews. These are for the best restaurants I’ve visited. One star restaurants are very good. Two star restaurants are truly exceptional. Three star restaurants are the pinnacle of dining. Given that the website relaunch is taking place during a pandemic, reviews will be focused mostly on places visited before March of 2020. I hope that as life gets back to normal, this list will grow.

Boston Magazine’s “Hall of Famers” 2021 – An Eating Adventure

Boston Magazine annually lists the 50 best restaurants in Boston, but for 2021, with the pandemic ongoing, they shifted to naming ten “Hall of Famers.” Over the next year, I’m going to eat at these ten restaurants, and here you will find the results. 

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