Wine and cheese is one of life’s pleasures. Beyond American, Cheddar, and Swiss there are so many wonderful cheeses. Luckily there is an amazing cheese shop here in Concord, creatively named The Concord Cheese Shop. And if that’s not enough cheese, not too far away, in Cambridge, is the highly regarded Formaggio Kitchen. Beyond that there are plenty of farms and farm stands in the region, providing beautiful locally produced cheese.

Below is a list of recently sampled cheese. We will be adding tasting notes and a 1-5 rating for each cheese. 1 = did not like, 2 = just ok, 3 = good, 4 = very good, 5 = exceptional. This list and these rankings reflect personal taste. You will see almost no blue cheese on the list. If it does appear, expect the rating to be low. Not fans of blue cheese.

Challerhocker – Cow – Switzerland
Podda Misto – Cow & Sheep – Italy
Verano – Sheep – USA, Vermont

Cochran Farm 1790, St. Johnsville – Goat – USA, New York
Coeur de la Creme Plain – Goat – USA, Missouri
Le Secret de Compostelle – Sheep – France
Shelburne Farms Extra Sharp 2 Year Old Cheddar – Cow – USA, Vermont
Wilde Field – Cow – USA, Massachusetts

Willoughby – Cow – USA, Vermont
Woodstock Reserve Cheddar – Cow – USA, Vermont
Coolea – Cow – Ireland
Novell – Goat – Spain

Julianna – Goat – USA, Indiana

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