quick bite: Italian Pizza at Dino’s Kouzina

September 12, 2021

New London Pizza, my go to pizza place, is currently closed on Sundays. That’s not very helpful when you want to watch a football game and eat a pizza. Today was a day that called for pizza and football, so I had to find a backup, and I tried the sausage and ricotta pizza called the Italian at Dino’s Kouzina in West Concord.

When I was a kid I used to like the sausage pizza at this place called Pantera’s Pizza. It was little balls of sausage with great flavor. The sausage on the Italian brought back those childhood memories. And then you add on creamy ricotta and I was hooked.

Today I was like the football team who’s starting QB goes down and finds a superstar in the back up. It’s not taking over for New London, but as long as they are closed on Sundays, Dino’s is going to be getting my business. And this pizza is so good I might just order it on other days of the week too.

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