quick bite: Ed’s Weenies

July 10, 2021

Apart from the ball park or the backyard bbq, you don’t often get the chance to eat a good hot dog. But if you are near Littleton, MA you can satisfy your craving at Ed’s Weenies. Located in the Gary’s Farm Stand parking lot, customers pull right up to get Ed’s awesome hot dogs served out of a small red and yellow cart.

Their basic hot dog is a special blend of beef and pork from Kayem which you can get steamed or grilled. They serve them on a grilled New England style bun and have a wide variety of complementary traditional hotdog toppings. You can also get premium toppings including, cheese, chili and sauerkraut. They also have Wachusett potato chips, which are one of my favorites and really hard to find.

My favorite order is two hot dogs, one Chili Weenie and one Sauerkraut Weenie with deli mustard, plus a bag or original Wachusett chips and a Polar Orange Dry. The whole thing is only $7.50! There are a few other things on the menu, but I never get anything but hot dogs. Why would you? It’s a hot dog stand and the weenies are great!

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