quick bite: shrimp explosion maki at Karma, Burlington

July 2, 2021

Anyone who follows me knows I am a huge fan of Karma Concord. But before Karma moved into Concord, I used to visit the Westford location frequently. Recently they opened up a fourth location in the Burlington Mall. (There is also a location in Andover.) So given that I needed to do some summer shopping today, I thought I would stop by for lunch. Like the Concord location, the space is well designed and attractive, but the management team for the Burlington location is different than the one in Concord and it shows. I’m definitely not ditching Concord for its younger sibling.

There was one dish though that I hope finds its way to the Concord menu, shrimp explosion maki. It is an interesting mashup of latin and asian flavors. They start with shrimp tempura then add avocado, cucumber, and chopped yellowtail blended with spicy mayo. But what I really enjoy is the addition of jalapeno and cilantro. Sure you find both of these ingredients in sushi from time to time, but the cilantro here is powerful and the jalepeno is more than just garnish. The result is a bold flavored spicy maki.

On the surface it may seem like too many ingredients, a bit of “kitchen sink” maki. The verdict though is that they all play off each other. Your mouth might wonder what you are eating, but I think it will enjoy it. So if you have some shopping to do and need to refuel, stop into Karma Burlington and try the shrimp explosion maki. If I’m lucky, they will start serving it in Concord.

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