quick bite: Brown’s Lobster Pound

August 1, 2021

Despite living in New England, I’m not a lobster expert. I like it, but it’s pretty rare to find a whole lobster in its shell sitting on my plate. But I went to Brown’s Lobster Pound the other day and decided to get a lobster.

Brown’s has a huge tank filled with lobsters. You let them know how many lobsters and what size you want (bigger is more expensive) and they fish them out of the tank. They weigh your lobsters on a scale and charge you accordingly. The lobsters are put into an antique-looking net sac with a numbered wooden block attached, and you get a paddle with the same number on it. Then the lobsters are dropped into a massive lobster pot and boiled for about fifteen minutes. Once cooked, they slightly crack the tail and the claws. They call your number and give you your beautiful, bright red lobster with butter and a little wooden lobster pick. Then it’s time to eat!

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