quick bite: The Bancroft

January 1, 2023

Before there was The Bancroft, there was Gibbet Hill Grill. In 2014, Weber Restaurant Group expanded to the quickly developing 3rd Avenue District in Burlington with a high end steakhouse, and The Bancroft replaced Gibbet Hill as my go to spot for suburban steak. In the past decade, I’ve had dozens of meals at the Bancroft, from a burger in the lounge to large family steak dinners. In addition to good food, they have an excellent cocktail program, as well as a strong wine list. All of this is in a stylish setting, making The Bancroft a personal favorite.

Just about every time I go to The Bancroft, I order shrimp cocktail. It comes with five big, plump shrimp, but if you need a sixth to split it evenly, they will do that. In addition to traditional red cocktail sauce, they also serve it with an addictive, green cilantro based cocktail sauce.

Another favorite of mine is the steak tartare. Served with a raw quail egg, toast, and an assortment of pickled vegetables, this dish always hits. Given how rare I eat my steak, I don’t usually get tartare if I’m going to get a steak. Instead, I get the shrimp cocktail, steak tartare, and a side of fries for a perfect meal.

If I’m not getting steak tartare, I often go for the burger. It’s been named one of the best in Boston by lots of people, including me. It’s big and beefy, and even though it doesn’t say it on the menu, they will happily add a fried egg to it for you. It comes with pickles, great fries, and house-made ketchup. They have changed up what’s on top of it over the years, but most recently, mine had lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and fried onion strings on brioche bun. I order it rare and it’s always cooked beautifully.

But of course you expect steak at a steakhouse. The Bancroft has great options for steak. The 24 oz. Prime T-Bone is a great for sharing, and the best value on the menu. Or if you are hungrier, you can get the 40 oz Bone-in Tomahawk Rib Steak. They also have the classics, a filet, a rib eye, and a New York. The sides change frequently, but I’m partial to their very good creamed spinach. It’s topped with a fried egg. When on the menu, their spicy green beans are excellent as well, and I often get the brussels sprouts. Or you can just get a bag of fries. Since this is the third time we’ve mentioned them, you know the fries are delicious.

I’m probably at The Bancroft at least once a month, sometimes just for a drink, sometimes for a feast. If I’m not having a big meal, I like sitting in the lounge best, particularly the seats by the fireplace. It’s not a cheap meal, but if you want to treat yourself to something good, head over. Just don’t steal my seat.

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