St. Louis: Silver Pancake House

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February 6, 2023

I’ll be honest, the Silver Pancake House isn’t much to look at tucked into the same strip mall as Dierberg’s on Manchester Road in Warson Woods. The inside is, as my mother describes it, “something you would find in the country.” The only thing out of place is one of those artificial ivy covered walls with a pink neon sign on it. I think it’s there to make the senior citizens feel hip. Nevertheless, what it lacks in decor, it makes up for on the table.

The menu is a pretty typical pancake house menu. They’ve got bacon and eggs, omelets, and even some breakfast skillets. Oh and of course they have pancakes: plain, banana, blueberry, apple glaze, strawberry banana, chocolate chip, pecan, or bacon.

I went traditional and got the two egg breakfast with sausage. My options were links or patties, (I went with patties.) fruit or hash browns, (I went with hash browns.) and toast or pancakes. (I went with pancakes.) I’m still trying to figure out how you can substitute out two huge fluffy pancakes for a couple of pieces of toast. You get all that for only $9.99. To me that’s a steal. But if you want to splurge, you can get a topping for your pancakes for an extra $1.99. And if you are like me, you might even get two toppings in your pancakes, like say bananas and pecans which will cost you an extra $3.98.

Still, even at $13.97 this breakfast is worth it. I was so full that not only could I not finish my pancakes, but I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day. The eggs were cooked perfectly. The sausage patties were excellent. And of course I was crazy about the hash browns. In New England, they are always trying to give you seasoned home fries for breakfast, normally big cubes of poorly cooked potato. The shaved hash browns at Silver Pancake House made me very happy.

The pancakes were very good too. They were tall and fluffy, maybe a tad undercooked in the middle, but that’s how I like them. There is a bowl of butters on the table so you can really load up. They offer powdered sugar or whipped cream if you want either, or both. And though I prefer real maple syrup, they are good enough to bring the fake stuff out warmed up for you.

They claim that they are a brunch spot, but they don’t serve alcohol, I don’t believe a meal can properly be called brunch without at least the option of a drink. I’ll forgive them for that, and I’ll for give them for the decor made to please my mom and her friends. If you want a solid, old fashioned breakfast, you cannot do much better than the Silver Pancake House.

More food from St. Louis

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