Weekly Roundup: Week 9 – 2023

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Sunday 2.26
Today started with a little brunch. I used a left over andouille sausage and cooked it with peppers and onions added some egg and cheese and then topped it with fresh tomato. I started by making it into a couple of tacos but then just ate the rest on a plate.

For dinner, my wife wanted pizza, and I really can’t argue with that. I finally got to try the Mexican Loco pizza from Ken’s. It is described as “Ground taco beef, roasted peppers, onions, mozzarella, cheddar cheese Add jalapenos to make a Loco Mexican.” My only improvement would have been to sauté the onions more. I made a side salad with left over stuff we had in the house. And then we had a cookie, also from Ken’s, for dessert.

Monday 2.27
Part of the reason I keep this record of what I eat everyday is to help me be mindful of what and how much I eat. But over the past two weeks, I have seen my weight go in the wrong direction. So I decided to just take a bag of trail mix for lunch. It kept me full until about 5:00 when I needed to make dinner. I didn’t think I could get to the finish line so I shared a little plate of cheese and cracker, and salami, and pickles with my wife.

For dinner I made swordfish tacos with poblanos and fresh pico de gallo. They turned out very good. For dessert, I heated up a piece of the chocolate chip banana bread. We will see where my weight is in the morning.

Tuesday 2.28
My weight was down today so I am feeling good. I had a light lunch of a small turkey and cheese sandwich with some pop corners. My wife got home late and I needed to go over to the mall so we went to Row 34 for for dinner. It was absolutely delicious. We shared shrimp, mussels, and french fries, and I had a fried oyster slider. My wife got clam chowder and let me steal a few bites. It was the best meal I have had there in a while. I also got a couple of nice cocktails which probably wasn’t great for the scale but good for the disposition.

Wednesday 3.1
I had a lunch meeting at Catholic Memorial, a local high school. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to professionally take a picture of my lunch. Luckily my host decided we should got through the cafeteria line. I grabbed an order of tacos and hung towards the back so I could snap a quick picture of them as I walked back to the meeting room. The things I do for this blog… Anyway more interestingly, I have now had tacos every day this week except for Tuesday. Also the cafeteria tacos were pretty good. I’d get them again if I ever have the chance.

When I thought we were going to be snowed in, I bought some ground beef. Since I didn’t use it on the snow day that wasn’t, I made sliders again tonight. I topped them with leftover pico de gallo and had a few pop corners on the side.

Thursday 3.2
Not too much happening today. My car seems to have bit the dust so I stayed home most of the day. I was also feeling a bit under the weather so I just had a turkey, ham, salami, and cheese sandwich for lunch. For dinner, my wife picked me up a steak and cheese with peppers, onions, and extra chees from New London. I also stole a few of my son’s chicken nuggets.

Friday 3.3
I had a really busy day at work and didn’t have much time for lunch. I stopped on my way home and got a filet-o-fish sandwich and fries from McDonald’s. I used one of those machines, rather than a person, to order and it let me add lettuce to the sandwich which was good. I only eat about one filet-o-fish a year, so quota met.

For dinner I did some recipe testing for my wife’s birthday dinner I have coming up. She was going to see a friend so it worked out well that I didn’t have to test the recipes on her. My buddy came over after work and I made a balsamic tomato and goat cheese tart, which burnt my tongue. I didn’t take a picture of it until I had eaten half. Don’t worry. I’m making it again next week. I also made ricotta gnocchi with shrimp and asparagus which was excellent.

We munched on pretzels and nuts while we cooked and I was so excited to try these creole peanuts I bought. They were worthless. Do not buy the Peanut Shop creole nuts. They have barely any flavor and don’t even have a good peanut taste to them. I’ll probably throw the jar away. Seriously the discount Target cashews I mixed them with were way better!

When my wife got home, she brought with her some birthday cake her friend had made for her. I had two slices. It was good cake.

Saturday 3.4
I was up early with my son and a bit of a hangover this morning. I had a few too many cocktails and a bit too much wine with my recipe tasting last night. I started the morning with a bowl of frosted flakes. Then I layed back down for a bit once my wife got up. After my second rest, very needed, I had a ham, cheese, and pepperoni sandwich with some pop corners.

For dinner we went to Chang An, our local Chinese restaurant. It was excellent tonight. We got two new dishes starting with the garlic wings, incredible, especially with a nice squeeze of lemon or a little dab of hot mustard. We also got the orange sesame beef which is lightly battered and then served in a General Tso sauce with sesame seeds. That was very good too. I also got a scorpion bowl for one. (just one today.)

I thought I would have time to write some this week but it turned out not to be the case. The good news is my car is repaired so that is one less thing to think about. My best meal out was dinner at Row 34, but Chang An and the Mexican Loco pizza from Ken’s were both good. And I have to admit, even though New London can be hit or miss, the steak and cheese this week was a hit. The best thing I cooked was the ricotta gnocchi. I’m looking forward to doing that again next week. I also had tacos three times in one week and it’s hard to complain about that.

quick bite: Ken’s NY Deli
quick bite: Row 34

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