Wilde Field

Wilde Field is a cow’s milk cheese from High Lawn Farm in Lee, Massachusetts. Lee is about two hours west of Concord just fifteen minutes from the New York State line near the Berkshire Mountains. In addition to cheese, High Lawn Farm makes ice cream, butter, and most importantly the milk we drink here at the Lyceum.

Wilde Field is named for Marjorie Field Wilde, a pioneer in the breeding of Jersey Cows, who bought Highlawn Estate with her husband in November of 1935. At that time the estate had already been producing milk for eight years. Marjorie transformed it to an exclusively Jersey Cow dairy and her descendants still run the creamery.

The cheese is made from Jersey milk, of course, which is known to be richer and more nutritious than average milk. That’s why we drink it here. It is aged three to eight months and the rind is washed in Shire Breu-Hous IPA from nearby Dalton, Massachusetts. Made in the style of Italian Toma, the texture is firm, but not dry. And the flavor is slightly sharp, balanced out with sweet grassy and nutty notes.

This is a very good cheese. Our rating is 4/5. We particularly like its richness and texture. It stands up well to a big red wine because it’s very flavorful without being funky. We think everyone will enjoy Wilde Field. We bought some at Concord Market for $24.99 per pound, or you can order it directly from the farm at $11.99 for a half pound piece. This is a cheese well worth enjoying and make sure you try their milk too!

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Cheese: Wilde Field
Country of Origin: USA, Massachusetts
Milk: Jersey Cow
Rating: 4/5

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