quick bite: coconut cake at Flour

May 17, 2022

The first time I had Joanne Chang’s coconut cake was at Myers + Chang. I loved it and so did my wife. We loved it so much that we went to Flour and bought a whole coconut cake for Mothers Day last weekend. Before you even cut in, this cake is absolutely elegant. The eight inch cake is covered in pristine white coconut and accented with a small decoration of flowers, a beautiful dessert centerpiece for any celebration.

Inside, the cake is moist and tender. The coconut buttercream is sweet and luscious. Although rich, it is not too heavy. A whole cake is eight inches and easily serves ten. At $52, the price seems pretty steep, but this cake is worth every penny. Absolutely outstanding, this is the best coconut cake I have ever tasted. If you aren’t ready to invest in a whole cake, get a slice. If they don’t have one at Flour, you can try to get one at Myers + Chang!

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