Kochi – One Michelin Star

Pine Nut

Pine Nut Soup, English Pea, Romanesco, Crispy White Asparagus, Soy Milk Glaze


Seared Scallop, Leche de Tigre, Gochujang Vinaigrette, Radicchio, Pickled Onion

Monkfish Twigim

Crispy Monkfish, Korean Remoulade, Celery Root, Tomato Gochujang

Spanish Mackerel

Charcoal Grilled Spanish Mackerel, Makgeolli Yuja Vinaigrette, Eggplant


Braised Abalone, Wilted Spinach, Shrimp Jeon, Yuja Soy


Slow Cooked Pork Tenderloin, Cashew Nut Ssamjang, Perilla Leaf Kimchi

Skirt Steak or A5 Wagu

Galbi Marinated Skirt, Spring Onion, Barley, Mushroom, Ramp Chimichurri

Spring Sprout Bibimbap

Soy Marinated Steelhead Trout, Seasonal Sprouts, Candied Anchovy, Seaweed Rice


Hanrabong Frozen Yogurt, Sable, Strawberry Compote

Ice Cream Sandwich

Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream, Chocolate Sponge Cake, Nurungji Cream

Dined on May 13, 2022
10th Ave at 46th St
New York
One Michelin Star

Kochi, Korean for “skewer”, is a modern Korean restaurant. They provide a tasing menu of eight courses for $125. Additional supplements are available. The abalone shown above is an additional $21. The optional wagu is an additional $56. A wine and soju paring can be added for $95.

The food and service are exceptional. It is well deserving of a Michelin Star. Particularly excellent courses are the crispy white asparagus with pine nut soup, the pork tenderloin, and the bibimbap. The American skirt steak packs tremendous beefy flavor making the wagu upgrade unnecessary. The soju offerings are wonderful and should not be missed.

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