Woodstock Reserve Cheddar

Woodstock Reserve Cheddar is one of three cheeses from Billings Farm. The farm, located in picturesque Woodstock Vermont, was founded in 1871 by Frederick Billings. Today it is run by the Woodstock Foundation, which was founded by Laurance and Mary Rockefeller and also runs the Woodstock Inn. The heard is one hundred percent Jersey Cows and has been awarded the “Queen of Quality” distinction by the American Jersey Cattle Association. The farm and the foundation are also partners with the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park.

Woodstock Reserve Cheddar is produced by the Grafton Village Cheese Company. Aged for fifteen months, it has a mild flavor. It makes for a good casual snacking cheese, but lacks the complexity to stand out. It can be purchased online for $19.95 for a sixteen ounce block or $6.39 for a four ounce block. It’s also available in the gift shop at the farm and in a variety of local stores. We picked up ours at Jake’s Quechee Market which also carries Billings Farm’s Butter Cheddar and Smoked Cheddar.

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Cheese: Woodstock Reserve Cheddar
Country of Origin: USA, Vermont
Milk: Cow
Rating: 3/5

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