Weekly Roundup: Week 1 – 2023

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Sunday 1.1
I’m trying to lose a little weight like everyone else as we enter the new year, so I tried to eat light today. For lunch I had a half of a ham and cheese sandwich with some mini pretzels. I put butter and ketchup on it, the way my Nonie used to make it for me when I was a kid.

For dinner, I made sausage. I got really good sausage from Formaggio Kitchen when I was shopping for New Year’s Eve. Basque sausage is made with local pork and seasoned with garlic and espelette pepper. I also made some sautéed onions and served it with left over toasted baguette and St. Johnsville goat cheese.

For dessert, yes on a diet but I have good dessert in the house, I had a slice of the peppermint ice cream pie my wife made for Christmas.

Monday 1.2
I had big plans for cooking today, but I took a nap instead. I was on my own for brunch so I made steak and eggs with a pice of toast. I scrambled two eggs with left over elk tenderloin, a little diced onion, and a bit of shredded Brebis du Haut-Bearn cheese. I garnished it with some diced green onion and my homemade garlic-green chili hot sauce. Good start to the day.

For dinner, I got take out from Ken’s, the chicken kebob wrap. I also had a few Pop Chips. For dessert I had a slice of Claxton Fruit Cake that my brother gave me for Christmas and a glass of egg nog without any booze.

Tuesday 1.3
Today was my last day of Christmas Break. Back to work tomorrow. I did some food shopping at Wilson Farms and Crosby’s Market. I started the day with an Opal apple I got at Wilson Farms. The Opal is a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Topaz. They supposedly don’t turn brown when you cut them. This was my first time having one. I thought it was sweet, crispy, and juicy, but probably not worth $3.99 a pound unless I wanted to cut it and put it in my son’s lunch box.

For a snack I had a little place of left over Christmas cheese, some dried cranberries, mini pretzels, and a salted dark chocolate turtle with almonds.

For dinner, I made the last two elk medallions I had defrosted. I pan seared them with garlic and thyme and served them with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. For the sprouts I made a sauce of bacon, shallot, mustard, and chicken stock. I added a bit too much salt with the bacon, but otherwise, dinner was excellent.

Wednesday 1.4
Back to work today and so back to DeNo’s. I go there a little too much, but it’s close, easy, and pretty good. Today I tried the meatball parm sub with a bag of Ruffles. It was just ok. I probably wouldn’t get it again.

For dinner I made cabbage and sausage. It’s in my regular rotation, but tonight I used some Italian sausage instead of my usual bratwurst. For the cabbage, I sautéed onions and a granny smith apple, then braised it in apple cider and dijon mustard. I served it over a pice of toast.

For dessert my wife and I shared a little plate of Christmas chocolates. The one with the red crown on it had raspberry inside and was amazing!

Thursday 1.5
For lunch today, I used up the leftover cabbage from last night. I had some chicken, chicken broth, carrots, and celery in the fridge. I put it all together and made a very good cabbage soup.

For dinner, my wife picked up subs from New London on her way home. I might be eating too many subs this week. I got a roast beef with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese and had a few potato chips with it. For dessert we split the last slice of peppermint pie. I didn’t take a picture, it looked enough like the slice I ate on Sunday.

Friday 1.6
I had been doing good all week. My weight was down, I was eating good food, but not too much of it, and then came Friday. Really lunch wasn’t too bad. I finished off the New Year’s Eve charcuterie. I had a couple pieces of cheese, rabbit pate, pork rillettes, cornichons, and some crackers.

Dinner, however, that was another story. We decided to try the new Mooo…. in Burlington. (yup, that’s exactly how they spell the name of the restaurant.) It was great, but I at a ton. I had a few of my son’s french fires, then my wife and I split, a shrimp cocktail, an order of wagyu meatballs, steak tartare, brussels sprouts, and bananas foster. Oh and there was lots of bread. I also had a casino cocktail, a glass of wine, and a Plantation Rum. Needless to say, we will call it a cheat day and get back on track tomorrow, but look at that amazing food. If you want to see more pictures of what I ate, check out this quick bite.

Saturday 1.7
I had some chicken I needed to cook, so I made boiled chicken and broth. After I shredded the chicken, I made a chicken cordon bleu sandwich with some mini pretzels.

It was my friend’s girlfriend’s birthday, so dinner was at the party. I tried to go light and had a little Caesar salad, a slice of stuffed chicken in cream sauce, and a piece of whitefish. I had a small slice of cake for dessert.

It was a pretty good week. Even though I ate well, I lost some weight which is always a nice way to start the new year. My dinner at Mooo…. was excellent. so was the cabbage soup I made. The elk my brother gave me for my birthday was great, both as a steak and in some scrambled eggs. And the desserts were fantastic, from my wife’s peppermint pie to the bananas foster to the fruit cake. (Yes I like fruit cake.) Happy New Year!

Cochran Farm 1790, St. Johnsville
quick bite: Ken’s NY Deli
quick bite: DeNo’s Pizza & Subs
quick bite: Mooo…. – Burlington

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