quick bite: Brother’s Roast Beef

January 24, 2023

I’ve been eating at Brother’s Roast Beef since 2014. Back then I started going to the Malden location, but these days when I visit Brother’s, it’s in Dedham. There are seven locations in total. Their menu is large, with pizza, pasta, salads, and subs, but I almost always get roast beef.

I suggest a small roast beef sub with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese. They start by buttering the sub roll and toasting it on the griddle. They add the toppings and then pile the roast beef on top. The generous amount of beef is sliced to order, tender and rare. Even as a small, it’s a big sandwich. No matter if I get the sandwich in Malden or Dedham, it is consistently good.

Depending on how hungry I am, or more often how healthy I want to be, I go with either chips or fries. Their fries are very good but today I got chips. They carry Wachusett Potato Chips, a once local and underrated potato chip. Today they are owned by Utz. My whole meal, sub, chips, and a Gatorade was $16 and change.

Overall, I like Brother’s a lot. The griddled sub roll and the quality roast beef make all the difference. Parking in Dedham is miserable, but other than that, I’ve got no complaints.

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  1. Never eaten at brothers roast beef myself. I prefer untoasted bread personally but that is just my preference. Thanks for the review and I like how you have covered multiple chain locations 🙂

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