Weekly Roundup: Week 20 – 2023

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Sunday 5.14
Happy Mothers Day to all the moms reading this, particularly my mom and my wife. You two better be reading this. We had a Mothers Day lunch over at my mother-in-laws house. I made garlic hummus, lamb meatballs with tzatziki, a tomato salad, and I bought some red pepper hummus dip. I ate all of that on pita and chips.

I made dinner reservations for my wife at Adelita, but we were both so full that we decided to cancel them. Instead we went and got ice cream for dinner from Bedford Farms. I got a scoop of Green Monster which is mint oreo with a fudge swirl. I didn’t get much of the swirl today but it was still good, but not nearly as good as my meatballs.

Monday 5.15
DeNo’s still isn’t finished, but it does look like they are putting walls back up. Maybe three more weeks. I got a slice of sausage to go. For dinner, I made my first visit to West Village Tavern. I shared a burrata which was dressed with prosciutto, pistachio, and balsamic. Then I got the shrimp and bacon, which is reminiscent of bacon wrapped scallops, but quite good. When I got home, the family shared a chocolate bunny.

Tuesday 5.16
I try hard not to go to DeNo’s everyday. To avoid back to back days, I took a ride down to Brother’s for lunch. I tried their buffalo chicken finger sub for the first time today. It was just ok. It’s not something I would get again.

For dinner I made fish tacos. I blackened some tilapia and made cilantro-lime cream sauce. I also made Mexican rice. The rice didn’t turn out great, but the fish was delicious.

Wednesday 5.17
I had a very long day. I worked from home in the morning, but then I had meetings for a board I’m on until 11:00 p.m. Fortunately there was food. I had a bowl of cereal at home in the morning. For lunch I was back at West Village Tavern. Today I tried the french dip, which was really more of a pot roast sandwich. I like those so it was ok, but I was expecting something different. At my meeting, we had pizza. I don’t know where it was from. It was just ok.

Thursday 5.18
I went to the grocery store after work today and discovered that Boar’s Head makes a deli roast pork. I had to try it so I got just a little, took it home and made a sandwich. It was really good and I will absolutely get it again. For dinner I still had two buns from what seems like forever ago, like when I made my cubans last week. Somehow they hadn’t gone bad so I made burgers for dinner. I ate chips with both lunch and dinner.

Friday 5.19
My boss announced her retirement today. I took her out to lunch to mark the occasion. Retirement is a strange thing, it feels like it should be a happy time, but it rarely is. We went to West on Centre. I got the caesar salad with grilled chicken. Just ok.

For dinner Michael came by. Kelly had to work but we had some cheese and crackers before she left. The cheese was an beautiful camembert made from a blend of sheep and cows milk. Michael and I had some excellent salmon baked with lemon, dill, and parsley with asparagus. I had a sweet tooth after that and ate some chuckles, not the red one though case that’s what my son eats. I just get the leftovers. After dinner we played cards and I had some goldfish and crackers. I probably ate too much.

Saturday 5.20
I thought I ate too much yesterday and then came today. I went back to the store and got more of the roast pork. I liked it so much I wanted Kelly to try it. She liked it a lot too. I made sandwiches with pork, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and dijon and some pretzels on the side, but that wasn’t where I went overboard.

For dinner we went to Colette in Cambridge. I really enjoyed it. I started with a blackberry smash, shrimp cocktail and some of my son’s french fries. After that we got cheese and smoked duck. The cheese was Invierno from Vermont Shepherd, the same creamery that makes Verano which I adore. It was fantastic. Next we shared onion soup and lobster ravioli. We skipped a main course and split meatballs gratin and some confit leeks instead. For dessert we had a heavenly coconut panna cotta with mango and dragon fruit. It was a fantastic meal and I am already ready to go back.

Top Three
The week started out slow but really picked up near the end. I seem to eat better on Fridays and Saturdays. The runner up was the fish tacos on Tuesday, but just barely beating them out were the top three things I ate this week:
3. Roast Pork Sandwich (Thursday and Saturday)
2. French Onion Soup (Saturday)
1. Salmon (Friday)

quick bite: Adelita
quick bite: Deno’s Pizza & Subs
quick bite: Brother’s Roast Beef
creamy cilantro-lime dressing

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