Weekly Roundup: Week 3 – 2023

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Sunday 1.15
My second day in St. Louis and the feasting continues. I had lunch today at Trainwreck. I’ve been eating there since I was a kid and got what I got as a kid, toasted ravioli and a triple cheeseburger, which is a cheeseburger with three cheeses not a three patty burger. Trying to eat “light,” I shared the t-ravs with my family, and split the burger with my mom.

Dinner was a Brazilian feast. I might have eaten even more than I did Saturday night. We started with a charcuterie plate with a variety of meats and cheeses, Brazilian cheese bread, grapes, pretzels, and some dips. Then we added delicious Brazilian sausage with mustard. My dad made baked shrimp, a replication of a dish from my childhood that his grandmother used to make. And for our main course we had Brazilian chicken pie. I had a little too much of that because it was so good. Last but not least we had cheesecake and champagne. It was a huge meal but worth every bite.

Monday 1.16
I’m feeling a little under the weather today. I had reservations for dinner but cancelled them. This morning I went to the City Museum in St. Louis with my parents and my son. He had a blast. It’s a wild place. After that we went to Lafayette Square and had lunch at Square One Brewery and Distillery. I got a gin and tonic with Regatta Bay Gin, gin no. 047. To eat I had a pot roast sandwich which was very good. It reminded me of my own pot roast. For a side I had pub chips which were a bit too salty.

For dinner, I just some leftovers. I finished the chicken fingers my son didn’t eat yesterday and cold pizza that we didn’t finish on Saturday. Nothing exciting there, but didn’t feel up to much more.

Tuesday 1.17
Today was my last day in St. Louis. I woke up and had some of the gooey butter coffee cake my mom had made for me. After that we took a visit to the St. Louis Zoo. We had a great time. I was particularly impressed by how close you get to be to the penguins, and of course we rode the train like I did when I was a kid. The food there was what you would expect. I had a burger and fries and a few of my son’s chicken nuggets that he didn’t finish.

When we got back from the zoo, it was time to get ready to go to the airport. Before we left I had the rest of the gooey butter coffee cake from the morning. I had the will power to resit that all visit and then ate the whole thing in one day. I didn’t eat dinner because I was flying and didn’t feel like anything they had at the airport.

Wednesday 1.18
Back home and back to work. Despite not having dinner last night I wasn’t very hungry today. I had a busy day at work and ended up not eating anything. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and picked up a few things. I had a sandwich with Ovengold turkey and smoked gouda. With it I finished off the pico I made last week along with some tortilla chips. For dessert I had the last pice of my Christmas fruit cake.

Thursday 1.19
I had a light snack at midday, a slice of turkey, a little smoked gouda, and some pretzels, but my focus was on dinner. I went grocery shopping and started cooking around 3:00. I really enjoyed the polenta I made last week and wanted to make it again. This time I made it with water instead of chicken stock, but also added butter and parmesan. The real masterpiece was braised short ribs. I browned them and then sautéed carrot, celery, onion, and garlic. To that I added tomato paste and herbs. Then I let it all boil in red wine for about two and a half hours. It was fantastic. I love short ribs but don’t make them enough. Here’s a quick one minute video of me making them.

Friday 1.20
I almost made it through a week without eating at DeNo’s. But alas, it was not to be. I had a steak and cheese with peppers, onions, and extra cheese for lunch along with potato chips.

For dinner we went to Adelita. We started with the complimentary chips and salsa, then had two new dishes: lamb merguez tacos and carne asada. It was a very good dinner. I also enjoyed the cocktails, a painkiller and a margarita.

Saturday 1.21
Last night’s Mexican food has my weight up this morning so I started the day with a bowl of cranberry-maple oatmeal. For dinner I got a pizza from New London. I guess that didn’t help my weight. One of our favorite topping combinations is grilled chicken, ham, and jalapenos and the one at New London is fantastic. Since I already ate more than I meant to for dinner, I had a pack of Chuckles for dessert.

I always eat well when I go home to St. Louis. The Brazilian dinner I had Sunday night was incredible, and Elias if you are reading this I still need the chicken pie recipe! Another recipe I need to get my hands on is my mom’s gooey butter coffee cake recipe. The pot roast sandwich I had for lunch Monday was also exceptional. And I enjoyed making polenta again and of course my short ribs, which I hadn’t cooked in a couple of years.

St. Louis: Trainwreck Saloon
Pot Roast
quick bite: DeNo’s Pizza and Subs
quick bite: Adelita

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