quick bite: New City Microcreamery

March 26, 2023

If it wasn’t for Facebook, I would never have realized that we took a late-night family trip to get ice cream for the past two years on this date. But when I looked at my phone this morning, that was the exact information it provided. What are you supposed to do with that type of knowledge, the type of knowledge that for all of human history no one would have possessed? The only answer, get ice cream for a third year in a row.

Two years ago, we went to Kimball’s and last year we went to Toscanini’s, both have been longtime favorites. We decided to try something new this year, and after a little research, settled on New City Microcreamery. They have three locations, one in Cambridge, basically right next to Toscanini’s. They have another in Hudson, MA. We went with the newest location in Sudbury.

New City makes their ice cream using liquid nitrogen, and as fad-ish as that sounds, it really does make incredibly smooth and creamy ice cream. On top of that, they have a rotating lineup of creative flavors: Lemon Meringue Pie, Chipotle Mezcal, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, etc. If creative ice cream flavors isn’t for you, don’t worry there’s still the classics, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc.

I tried a taste of “Pancakes & Syrup” which really did taste like pancakes. My wife got Vanilla Bourbon topped with “Golden Nuggets” which is “Corn Flakes and Pops cereal baked with butter and sugar.” (but take a look at the picture it clearly has Honey Smacks in it, not complaining, just saying) I’ve had a good amount of bourbon ice cream, and this one was one of the best I’ve tried. My son got Chocolate Chip with rainbow and chocolate sprinkles. I have no idea how it was. He didn’t offer me a bite, and he at the whole thing. That actually says a lot since he can never finish all of his ice cream.

I went with Bananas Foster, a favorite desert of mine, so why not try it as an ice cream. Like the Vanilla Bourbon it is made with actual alcohol, by the taste and the title, I’m assuming rum. It was excellent with good banana flavor throughout and a few chunks of banana as well. It’s a limited time flavor, and I don’t know how long those last, but I’d get it again.

There is no shortage of ice cream stands in the Boston area and New City Creamery is about 25-30 minutes away no matter which one we go to, but it’s good enough that we will be back. If that’s too far to drive for you, it’s also available at Whole Foods and some specialty shops. It’s not cheap, about $6 per person and $10 for a packed pint. But it is high quality, super creamy ice cream when you are ready to treat yourself.

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