Ricotta Gnocchi

March 30, 2023

Until recently, I had not made gnocchi in years, but earlier this month I was hosting a birthday dinner for my wife and decided to make gnocchi with duck confit ragu. I actually did a practice run the week before and then made them again tonight. This recipe is surprisingly easy, and from the first try, they’ve come out just how I wanted. Ricotta gnocchi is faster and easier to make than potato gnocchi and to me it is lighter and more flavorful.

I call this recipe 4-3-2-1 gnocchi to help me remember the ingredients. You just use 1/4 cup parmesan, 1/3 cup flour, 1/2 cup ricotta, and 1 egg yolk. The only other ingredient I add is a pinch of salt. Before adding the ricotta, squeeze it in a paper towel to remove excess moisture. Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl using your hands just until it all comes together. Form into a ball, and then you can refrigerate the dough until later, or begin making the pillows.

When you are ready to cook, flatten the ball into a disk about an inch to an inch and half thick. Then cut the disk into four quarters. Roll each piece out into a snake and cut the snake into about 3/4 inch pillows. Dust them with flour to keep them from sticking to each other as you roll and cut the remaining quarters.

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pillows and cook for about two minutes or until they all float. I have tried three different sauces with this recipe, including the duck confit ragu and a pink bolognese, but you can also just toss it in a pan with brown butter and sage. If you have a sauce ready to go, you can make this delicious dinner in just a couple of minutes longer than it takes to boil water. The best thing about this recipe is that it makes just enough for a weekday dinner for two. But you might like it so much that you want to double or triple it and have a party!

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