Weekly Roundup: Week 15 – 2023

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Sunday 4.9
Easter is my biggest cooking day of the year. I’ve been making an Easter Brunch for a long time now and it seems to grow every year. This year we topped out at 18 people!

The first round of food was a cheese board featuring cow, goat, and sheep cheeses, petit jesu salami, pork rillettes, cornichons, pickled onions, peanuts, fig jam, crackers, and crostini. We also had my mom’s gooey butter coffee cake, a fruit plate, and Michael’s homemade bread with French butter.

Next came out deviled eggs, my mom made those too and I just garnished them. Then came a ricotta-asparagus tart. Of course there was also candy to be munched on throughout the day.

My Cambodian godson and his wife brought chicken egg rolls. I made lamb-feta meatballs with roasted carrots and a mint yogurt sauce. And for the main course, baked ham with a balsamic-tomato salad. Finally, for dessert, Kelly made her always loved carrot cake.

We had plenty to drink including Aperol Spritzes, Hemingway Daiquiris, lemon-blueberry coolers, and a nice bottle of 1986 Sauternes. It was a great time and a great feast. Thank you to everyone who was there.

Monday 4.10
Not only am I full and tired from yesterday, but I also seem to be coming down with a cold. My wife and son have had one for a couple of days, so it was only a matter of time. I made mom lamb burgers for lunch which we had with leftover tomatoes and carrots. I also had some gooey butter cake. Early to bed for me.

Tuesday 4.11
I ended up sleeping about twelve hours last night. I fell asleep about 7:00 p.m. and woke up a little after 7:00 a.m. I’m not feeling great, but maybe a little better after all that sleep. I had a ham sandwich and some chips for lunch. I also snacked on jelly beans throughout the day. For dinner, I made a pasta with leftover ham, chicken, asparagus, shallot, and ricotta. For dessert I had a slice of carrot cake. Pretty good eating for feeling crappy.

Wednesday 4.12
Back to work after a long Easter/sick break. We ordered from the Real Deal today. I tried the E. B. Melt which I hadn’t before. It is chicken salad, buffalo sauce, pepper cheese and bacon. It was good. My only addition would have been more hot sauce.

For dinner we finished up the cheese and charcuterie from Easter. I’m not a big fan of the Julianna. I need to note that one the cheese page. Everything else was great. For dessert, we had the last slice of carrot cake. That was great too.

Thursday 4.13
Today was the last day for Easter leftovers. I started my morning with a bowl of pineapple and then had some egg rolls for lunch. I also polished off the last of the jelly beans. For dinner it was so nice out that we ate on the porch. I made a risotto out of the rest of the ham and asparagus and a little side salad with pickled onions.

Friday 4.14
I went to DeNo’s today optimistic that construction was nearing the end. They told me three weeks. I think that’s how much time they told me when they started. I got a chicken parm sub and took it back and ate it at my desk.

Kelly and I went to the Colonial Inn for a drink afterwork and split an order of crab cakes. They were very good, better than I expected. It was great to sit on the front porch in the nice weather. After that we picked up Thomas and went to Harvard Square to buy her some shoes. We went over to The Smoke Shop to get the Hot as Cluck Chicken Sliders and some fries. The first order wasn’t hot at all. They remade them, and the second order was hot, but nothing like what they used to be. I might have to amend my review. The fire has gone out a bit on these once glorious chicken sandwiches.

We finished the night with ice cream at Toscanini’s in Central Square. Parking was rough but we eventually got a spot. I got the Banana Bourbon ice cream which was not as good as the Bananas Foster flavor I got at New City Microcreamery. It had too much cinnamon and not enough banana flavor. Oh well, some days are like that. The crab cakes were good.

Saturday 4.15
I had planned to make breakfast tacos as part of Easter Brunch, but we had too much food when Sophorn brought egg rolls so I skipped them. I ended up making some this morning since we had plenty of eggs and some Canadian bacon I wanted to use up. I also had the last bite of gooey butter cake.

For dinner, I picked up a chicken club sub and some mozzarella sticks from New London. I also ate the last of the birthday chocolates I got my wife. (We both had one. I didn’t steal the last one from her.) And then I finished the Easter cookies from our friend Georgina.

Top Three
I was fighting off a bug for a few days this week so I wasn’t as food focused as I normally am. We also spent a good portion of the week trying to use up leftovers Really hard to pick the best things when I eat so much good food for Easter, but the best things I ate were:
3. Chicken, Ham and Asparagus Pasta (Tuesday)
2. Carrot Cake (S, T, W)
1. Lamb Meatballs with Carrots (Sunday)

quick bite: DeNo’s
quick bite: The Smoke Shop BBQ
quick bite: New City Microcreamery

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