Weekly Roundup: Week 14 – 2023

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Sunday 4.2
This morning we went to the Concord Easter Egg Hunt. It was far too cold for that. The wind was blowing hard and it did not feel like spring. We decided to go to get a roast beef sandwich after at Bedford House of Roast Beef, unfortunately they are now closed on Sundays. So we went over to Mario’s to get a meatball sub. They were out of subs! I don’t even know what that means because they had bread. We ended up getting a piece of lasagna. I love Mario’s but this was just ok. There didn’t seem to be any mozzarella, which is kinda my favorite part of lasagna. My wife and I also split a salad. I stole some of my son’s chicken fingers because he never eats them all. Oh, and I ate bread that could have been used for my meatball sub!

That really should have been enough food for a day, but I did have dinner. I got some rosemary ham and made a ham sandwich. After that I broke into the spiced jelly beans. I’ll have to eat light tomorrow.

Monday 4.3
As predicted, I need to eat light today. My weight was up and I’ve worked too hard to go backwards, especially knowing that Easter is going to slam me. And that’s great because I love Easter Brunch, but until then, I’ve got to watch it. I had lunch from DeNo’s, where yes the dining room is still closed for renovations. I got one slice of cheese pizza. That’s not too bad.

For dinner I made one-pot chicken and rice. I seasoned with cumin, dark chili powder, and Mexican oregano. It was pretty healthy until I added cheese and sour cream, but I didn’t overdo it.

Tuesday 4.4
Still trying to be good, I took the rest of the chicken and rice for lunch. Today I mixed it with some romaine lettuce and dressed it with a combination of sour cream and hot sauce. Pretty good. For dinner we went to Bedford House of Roast Beef. I made the mistake of not getting roast beef. I got the cheeseburger club, which I don’t recommend. It isn’t club style except that it has bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on it. It comes on a bun. It wasn’t horrible, but the burger was way overcooked. The fries were great as always and the coleslaw was actually really good. The worst part though was that they seemed to have changed their horseradish cream sauce, very, very dark news. I was cheered up slightly by the maple chocolate my wife gave me before bed.

Wednesday 4.5
I took a ham sandwich and chips to work today for lunch. For dinner I made chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes. I ate some more spiced jelly beans and then I ate a few more after that and then my wife gave me another chocolate with some sort of jelly inside it that was really good, but my weight was down this morning so it will be fine.

Thursday 4.6
My mom arrived in town today for Easter. I picked her up from the airport and we headed to Harvard Square as we usually do for lunch. We settled on Russell House Tavern, which we have been to a couple times before and I have been to often. We got the Brussels House Pizza with bbq pork, shaved brussels, pickled onions, and scallions. We enjoyed it along with a Downeast Cider.

I was very snacky today so when we got back to my house, I finished the rest of the spiced jelly beans and then had some mini pretzels dipped in mustard.

For dinner, at mom’s request, I made ricotta gnocchi. I tossed it with Italian sausage, shallot, spinach, and tomatoes. It was delicious. We also had a baguette from Bread Obsession and some Normandie butter, both of which I picked up at the Concord Cheese Shop.

Friday 4.7
This afternoon we went to Formaggio Kitchen to get supplies for our Easter Dinner. After that, we went to Deluxe Town Diner for lunch. I don’t think I have ever gone there and not gotten a pancake, but today I split a tuna melt and onion rings with my mom. It was pretty good.

For dinner we went to Row 34. We had an amazing dinner the last time we were there. Tonight it was more like it used to be, good but lacking. Of course the shrimp cocktail and fries were great, but I had the salmon for my main course and it was just ok. The asparagus and the salmon were both overcooked.

After dinner mom and I went to Wegmans to get more Easter provisions and then to Tony C’s for a night cap. When I got home I had an oatmeal raisin cookie that we got at Formaggio and a glass of Domaine Kildare Digestif.

Saturday 4.8
I spent most of the day getting ready for Easter brunch. For lunch I got a rotisserie chicken from Crosby’s and made a sandwich along with some chips. For dinner we got a pizza from New London with salami, feta, and green peppers. For dessert I had a chocolate-coconut cookie that our friends gave us for Easter.

Top Three
For the second week in a row, the best thing I ate was ricotta gnocchi. Here’s the rest of the top three for this week:
3. Chicken and Rice Salad (Tuesday)
2. Shrimp and Fries (Friday)
1. Ricotta Gnocchi (Thursday)

quick bite: Bedford House of Roast Beef
quick bite: Mario’s
quick bite: DeNo’s
ricotta gnocchi
quick bite: Row 34
Domaine Kildare Digestif

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