Weekly Roundup: Week 18 – 2023

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Sunday 4.30
Another Sunday, another meal from Ken’s. Today I got a reuben and also had a little of my son’s chicken fingers and fries, cause that’s what dads do. For dinner I just made some chex mix and stole a little more of my son’s Easter chocolate.

Monday 5.1
Today felt like a Monday. I stopped by DeNo’s and they still don’t look anywhere close to having the dining room reopened. I grabbed a roast beef sub, which was very good, and took it back to work to eat at my desk. For dinner I got steak tip at Crosby’s. Their meat counter is closed so you have to get your steak from the case. It was still good. I made a salad with homemade dressing, lettuce, carrot, scallion, red pepper, shredded swiss cheese, and of course the steak tip. I skipped dessert.

Tuesday 5.2
I had a conference at Emmanuel College today. I got free lunch in their dining hall. It was all you can eat which was hard not to take advantage of. I limited myself to a buffalo chicken sandwich with chips and a slice of sausage flatbread. The sandwich was really good. The flatbread, just ok.

For dinner I made ricotta gnocchi. I used up a bunch of leftover stuff from the fridge to make a sauce: sausage, chicken, spinach, onion, sundried tomatoes. We also enjoyed a bottle of Ridge Carignane with it. For dessert, I ate more Eater chocolate.

Wednesday 5.3
I had a meeting this morning so was still in Concord as lunchtime approached. I stopped at Haute Coffee to get a breakfast sandwich. I ordered it with ham, but they gave me bacon. It was still good, but as I always complain, I wish the egg yolk was runny.

For dinner I attempted a paella. I used chicken, shrimp, and scallops. The rice didn’t brown on the bottom even though I didn’t stir it. The flavor was good, but I need to work on my technique.

Thursday 5.4
I had a very busy day and didn’t get to eat at work. I got a scone and piece of fruit at Wilson Farm in the afternoon. I had stopped there to get groceries for tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo party. The blueberry scone and banana was not as good as last week’s maple pecan scone and an apple.

For dinner I made chicken cordon bleu sandwiches with the last of my chicken. I also had pop corners and a cider.

Friday 5.5
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Before we get to dinner, I had some of the left over paella for lunch, but then was still hungry so I had a ham and cheese sandwich with pretzels.

Around 1:00 I started making my carnitas. They turned out great. I also made a pitcher of margaritas, pico de gallo, spicy black beans, and poblano rice. It all turned out great. It might have been the best rice and beans I ever made. There was left over carnitas, but no leftover rice or beans. Kelly made tres leches. I had doubts because she used a deep dish to make it. I was wrong. It was perfect.

Saturday 5.6
We headed to 603 Brewery & Beer Hall for Kelly’s cousin’s birthday. I was starving by the time we got there and started with some pretzels and mustard. Then I had a little bit of cheese and meat. Finally, I had pizza and fries. Yup, I ate a lot and the day was just getting started.

For dinner, I went to Pagu with my friends Michael and Glenn. I know Andy, the bar manager there, and it was good to see him. I’ll do a longer write up about that visit soon. For food we had hamachi sashimi, shishito peppers, pork buns, anchovies, pan con tomato, and chicken katsu. I was very happy. But now I need to do better because I had a couple of hard cheat days!

Top Three
It is nearly impossible to get all this food down to just three favorites. And even in the top three I am having a hard time choosing the order, but I have to so the best things I ate were:
3. Hamachi Sashimi (Saturday)
2. Carnitas with Rice and Beans (Friday)
1. Tres Leches (Friday)

quick bite: Ken’s NY Deli
quick bite: Deno’s Pizza & Subs
ricotta gnocchi

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