Brunch at Myers + Chang

May 30, 2022

Earlier this year, we visited Myers + Chang as part of our tour of Boston Magazine’s Hall of Fame Restaurants. Yesterday we returned to try their brunch. Much of the brunch menu is a paired down version of the dinner menu, but there are additions, most notably the Fried Egg Banh Mi with Soy Glazed Bacon. There are also some fun brunch cocktails. The Cherry on Top, a gin highball with almond syrup and pineapple, is sweet and delicious.

Enjoy this photo essay of our brunch and for more about Myers + Chang read about our earlier visit or about Flour’s Coconut Cake available for dessert at brunch and dinner.

Cherry on Top
Fried Egg Banh with Soy Glazed Bacon
Braised Pork Belly Bao & Lemony Shrimp Dumplings
Chinese Sausage + Sweet Potato Fritters
Carrot Cake

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