Pork Tenderloin

September 27, 2022

Pork Tenderloin is one of my favorite meats to cook. In part because it is so, so easy to make. I was in Whole Foods the other day and saw it selling for $13 per pound! That’s crazy because one of the other things that makes pork tenderloin so great is that it’s usually a great deal. I regularly can find it for under $5 per pound, meaning that for about ten bucks you can make a great main course for four people.

The key to great pork tenderloin, and lots of other foods cooked on the stove top, is a cold pan. That’s right, you do not need to heat up a pan before you put food in it! This recipe assumes you have a gas range. The timing will be different with electric, but it will still work. You just have to play around a bit to adjust to your stove. But for those of you with a gas stove, here’s what you do.

Start with two one-pound pork tenderloins. Pat them dry and season well with salt and pepper. Get an oven-safe pan and add a tablespoon of oil, olive and canola both work well. Place the pork in the pan with a space in the middle. (Check out the photos/videos.) I like to sprinkle a little oregano on top of the pork at this stage, but it’s up to you. Any seasoning you like will work fine, or none at all. In between the two loins, place a few sprigs of thyme, a smashed clove of garlic, and a tablespoon of butter. Again, season or not as you like, but don’t skip the butter.

All of that should be done, before the stove is even touched. Place your cold pan on your stovetop and turn the heat to medium-high. Let it cook without touching it for 6-7 minutes. Now flip. you should have a very nice brown crust on the bottom. Turn off the heat and move your pan to a 350° oven. Roast for 15-20 minutes, depending on how well done you like your pork. Don’t overcook though because it will dry out. If you don’t have a good feel for how you like your meat, get a meat thermometer. The USDA now says pork is safe at 145° but I like mine at about 150°.

Remember to use oven mitts when taking your pan out of the oven and remove your pork from the pan right away. The pan is hot from being on the stove and in the oven and it will continue to cook if left there. Place the pork on a cutting board and let it rest five to ten minutes before slicing and serving. I hope you enjoy this easy and perfect pork tenderloin.

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