Weekly Roundup: Week 11 – 2023

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Sunday 3.12
I got on the scale with a little bit of trepidation this morning. I was sure that Friday night’s feast was going to have me up a few pounds. It was fortunately not the case, maybe because I barely ate anything on Saturday. The clocks sprung forward last night so I’ve been a little tired all day. It took me a bit to get going but I went to Crosby’s and got some stuff for lunch and dinner.

Lunch was a roast beef sandwich with swiss cheese and a piece of lettuce. I don’t know why, but a piece of lettuce really makes a difference. I finished off the rest of my salt and vinegar Pringles too. For dinner I made polenta. I tried it this time with half water and half milk. It turned out really well. I will write up the recipe soon. (I hope.) I seasoned it with thyme and parmesan cheese. Over it I spooned the rest of the duck confit ragu from Friday night. We also finished the last small piece of blueberry poundcake for dessert.

Monday 3.13
Another storm is in the forecast. It is getting to be a little bot of the boy who cried wolf at this point. We haven’t had a really meaningful snowfall yet and I’m not really holding my breath. But that doesn’t stop me from preparing food just in case. I went to the store after work and got everything I need to make chili. I also got half of my St. Patrick’s Day shopping done.

For lunch, I had a chicken parm sub from West Napoli. It’s always pretty good. For dinner we went to Karma. We started with the Malaysian Chicken Skewers. My phone screwed up that picture. Then we had some sushi: crazy maki, negihama maki, and ebi, saba, and sake nigiri. It was all excellent as always. When we got home, my wife made a pie for tomorrow (3.14), and she tempted me into having a little of the banana pudding. Adding the chocolate sauce was my own idea.

Tuesday 3.14
As you know I reject food holidays, but today is really a math holiday celebrated with food and I’m all for that. Just remember π is not pie and it doesn’t equal 3.14 Now that that’s clear, my wife made a special banana cream pie for Pi Day. That was actually my last bite of the day.

Before the pie I had a nice cheese plate for lunch: goat cheese, crackers, peanuts and pickled onions. For dinner, I made chili. I usually use brisket, but the price is through the room so I used chuck and it turned out really good.

Wednesday 3.15
I had a meeting in the morning and didn’t get back to my office until 12:30. I had a lot to do when I got there and so about 1:30 I was absolutely starving. I ran over to DeNo’s which is still under construction. There isn’t even a menu up anymore. I ended up grabbing a sicilian slice with sausage. I started eating it on my walk back to work. I had to go to a board meeting for my son’s school so I made a quick dinner of chicken and green beans. I also had another piece of pie.

Thursday 3.16
I went to The Bancroft for lunch today. I got the steak frites. It was just ok. The cut was a hanger, supposed to be medium rare. I thought it was slightly over cooked and a little tough. My friend got the duck sandwich which I’ve had before and wish I had got instead. For dinner I griddled some toast and topped it with chili and a fried egg. Of course, I ate another slice of pie. This time I added chocolate syrup.

Friday 3.17
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This morning my weight was way down. I was very happy with how well I did this week. Well I am sure I blew it today. But you have to. If you are good the rest of the time you can enjoy the special times. I had a scone at work this morning with butter and lemon-lime jelly. I’ve never seen lemon-lime jelly before, but I really enjoyed it and need to go find a jar. I came home early to start cooking and had a little cheese plate. Then my wife came home and was too hungry to wait for dinner so we had another cheese plate.

We had Michael and Ryleigh over to celebrate with us. Michael made a very good soda bread. I made traditional corned beef and cabbage. I also made carrots and mashed potatoes. We also put a big dent in a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. We didn’t have dessert which was good because I was so full after dinner, but then as we hung around I kept going back for more pieces of soda bread.

Saturday 3.18
For the second Saturday in a row, I really didn’t need to eat. I had so much food last night that I really wasn’t hungry most of the day. We went to the Hockey East Championship at TD Garden. Merrimack was playing Boston University. It was a good game, but it didn’t end the way I wanted. We had dinner there. It was surprisingly good. We all shared chicken fingers and fries. Then my wife and I split a hot dog and my son had popcorn. Of course, I stole some of that.

Top Three
Hard to pick a top three this week. I loved my leftover duck and the sushi dinner at Karma, but here are the three that made my week.
3. Banana Cream Pie (All week long)
2. Chili with a Fried Egg (Thursday)
1. Corned Beef Dinner (Friday)

quick bite: DeNo’s
quick bite: The Bancroft

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