Weekly Roundup: Week 19 – 2023

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Sunday 5.7
My son had his first T-ball practice this morning so we got him donuts after to celebrate. I got a donut. I never get donuts from Dunkin Donuts, but I decided to try the butter pecan donut. It was ok. For lunch I got the Thai chicken curry soup from Crosby’s. I really like that soup. Kelly wants me to try to make it. For dinner I used the leftover carnitas to make cubano sandwiches. I also made a little salad and had some chips. For dessert we finished the last. of tres leches.

Monday 5.8
So after my cheat weekend, I was up over two pounds when I got on the scale this morning. I tried to be a little better today. This morning I ate a pear. Then for lunch I had a turkey sandwich with some potato chips. Tonight for dinner I made little quesadillas with leftover carnitas, poblanos peppers, and onions. We also finished off the pico de gallo and maybe made palomas. So maybe that wasn’t light, but it wasn’t a lot and I used up a lot of what I had in the house.

Tuesday 5.9
I should go back and look to see when the renovations started at DeNo’s. It’s been a while. Every time I ask how it’s going, they tell me three more weeks. Well today, they aid a couple more weeks, so I’m guessing it will be done in July. Nevertheless, I got a chicken parm sub and ate it at my desk. For dinner, we needed to use up some deli turkey so I made turkey melts with poblanos. I had a sweet tooth and ate chuckles for dessert. Apparently my son had already been given the red one.

Wednesday 5.10
I had the day off work to attend a meeting for my son’s school and then to take him to orientation for his new school. I walked over to Saltbox Kitchen for lunch and had a huge but delicious chicken shawarma sandwich. Then for dinner we went to Nosh to celebrate. It is my son’s favorite restaurant because they have a pool table and other games. My wife and I split a flatbread, wings, and brussels sprouts. When we got home I had some Eater chocolate. There’s not much of that left at this point.

Thursday 5.11
I get lunch at The Bancroft every couple of months. I usually try to eat light, but today I really wanted a burger. They have a great burger there and I like it topped with a fried egg. Today, the egg was over cooked, but the burger was still really great.

This evening I attended the hooding ceremony for the Manning School of Business at UMass Lowell. My godson is getting his MBA tomorrow. They had a buffet dinner. I got green beans (not good), chicken (ok), and steak tips with peppers (very good). I skipped dessert because of that burger and fries I had for lunch.

Friday 5.12
My godson Sotheara got his MBA today. Congratulations to him! We went to The Federal in Waltham for a celebratory lunch. We got fried calamari and clams casino to start. I had the filet, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. For dessert we shared the tiramisu, which was very good. After that I met up with my wife at the Colonial Inn where we split a chicken quesadilla. I’m not sure how I was still hungry, but I was. Before getting ready for bed I had some Reese’s Pieces.

Saturday 5.13
We took Thomas to his first movie today. We saw The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He enjoyed it and I did too. We got popcorn and Reese’s Pieces. I ate the popcorn he ate the candy. My wife had some of both. We went to Karma for an early dinner. We got beef skewers, duck bao, and some sushi. It was all good, but the yellowtail nigiri was particularly excellent. For dessert we all shared a cookie. I also made some hummus for our Mothers Day lunch tomorrow and had to try it, very garlicky.

Top Three
I didn’t cook very much this week. I was just had too many places to be, so the top three were all dining out this week:
3. Tiramisu (Friday)
2. Yellowtail Nigiri (Saturday)
1. Chicken Shawarma Sandwich (Wednesday)

quick bite: Deno’s Pizza & Subs
quick bite: Saltbox Kitchen
quick bite: Nosh
quick bite: The Bancroft

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