Weekly Roundup: Week 7 – 2023

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Sunday 2.12
Super Bowl Sunday! My Kansas City Chiefs squeaked out a victory over the Eagles 38-35. Go Chiefs! For breakfast I ate light, knowing I was going to make some party food tonight. We had ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches on slider buns. They were delicious.

For game time, I made guacamole, cheeseburger sliders, and buffalo wings. I also opened a bottle of Tom’s Town Botanical Gin. It is the official gin of the Chiefs. Great game, great food, great victory!

Monday 2.13
I woke up hungry. I made a half of a ham and cheese sandwich and got some pop corners which I ate on my drive in to work. I was going to go get some lunch, but then we had a visitor at work from Ireland and she gave me an Irish chocolate bar, Wispa. (Sounds like a Boston guy saying whisper) This thing was really good. We don’t have anything like it but we should.

For dinner I made buffalo chicken sliders with guacamole. It was left over slider buns from the cheeseburgers, left over buffalo sauce from the wings, and left over guacamole. I took the three things I made last night, put them together with some home made chicken fingers to make a new meal. I also ate a bunch of salt and vinegar pringles. Of course I had too much chicken for the sliders, so I had more chicken fingers with buffalo sauce and honey mustard too.

Tuesday 2.14
Happy Valentine’s Day. I again kept lunch simple knowing what was coming for dinner. I had a slice of pepperoni pizza at DeNo’s.

I stopped at the Concord Cheese Shop after work and picked two types of cheese, Hermit and a goat cheese with a name I don’t know. They were both excellent. Along with the cheese I got crackers, cornichons, jambon de paris, salami, and a tomato mozzarella salad. I also added some fig jam to the plate. We opened a bottle of 2018 Stout Vineyard Merlot from Duckhorn.

For dessert my wife went to Concord Market and got two apple hand pies, they look a lot like pop tarts but way better. They were a little light on the apple tonight though. She also got a raspberry trifle. It was cake, raspberries, raspberry mousse, and whipped cream. With that we had the final sips of Rock Hill Farm bourbon and a more regular sized glass of the Oban Distiller’s Edition.

Wednesday 2.15
What a long day. In addition to my regular work day, I had three meetings after work. Luckily, one of them was a dinner meeting. I ate before I left the house. Two left over chicken fingers, a slice of american cheese, some honey mustard, and a few tomatoes in a wrap. I finished the pringles with it.

For dinner, I met a colleague at Il Massimo in Legacy Place. I got the beef carpaccio which I get a lot and had a piece of the focaccia with that. I also had a slice of her pizza, because it’s hard to turn down pizza. For dessert, I got the Budino di Pane, a golden raisin bread pudding that was completely amazing. Not good for the diet, but good for the soul.

Thursday 2.16
Not a very exciting day. I’m dragging a bit. I haven’t slept much the past two nights. For lunch I went to DeNo’s again. I try not to go more than once a week, but it was all I had time for today. I got the chicken kabob sub which is really good and doesn’t seem like it’s that bad for me.

For dinner, I was too tired to cook, so I suggested to my wife that we get takeout from Holi in Bedford. It’s our standard Indian place for takeout. We got chicken chaat which is always good. We also got a new dish, Baigan Bhartha, which is mashed eggplant with spices, onions, and peas. I really liked it and would get it again. My wife was not found of the texture. Of course we had rice and naan with it.

For dessert I got to have one of the candies I gave my wife for Valentine’s Day, a champagne truffle from Priscilla Candy Shop in Concord. It was very good. I need to make a list of the ones I like best (or at least the ones she likes best) so I know what to get next time.

Friday 2.17
Over a year ago, I set out on a quest to visit all ten of the 2021 Boston Magazine Restaurant Hall of Famers. Tonight we visited O Ya, the last one on the list. I didn’t have time to eat lunch and so I had some quick, homemade “trail mix” in the car. We stayed at the Omni Boston Seaport and they were kind enough to leave a similar snack in the room. I ate that too. I ate more of it after we got back.

Saturday 2.18
We slept in today. You don’t get to do that much when you have a five year old, so you take advantage when you can. By the time we cleared out of the Omni around 1:00, stopping first to get a very good hot chocolate in the lobby coffee bar, I was already hungry again. We decided to go to Café Sauvage, a wonderful little French place with a modern attitude. We got some toast and jam, but it was so much better than the toast and jam you get anywhere else. Then I got a duck eggs benedict, with duck confit and hashbrowns in place of an English muffin. Also had a lovely grapefruit mimosa, light on the grapefruit.

For dinner, I scrounged around the house, eating two bowls of raisin bran and some Dots candy that my wife got me for Valentine’s Day. A good end to the week.

Great week. Great Super Bowl. Go Chiefs! Great Super Bowl food. Had a nice Valentine’s Day wine and cheese dinner and then a special belated Valentine’s Day celebration at O Ya. On top of that I had a really good dessert mid-week at Il Massimo and brunch at Cafe Sauvage which is always wonderful. Maybe that’s why my weight was up this week.

gin no. 077 – Tom’s Town Botanical Gin
quick bite: DeNo’s Pizza & Subs
quick bite: Il Massimo
Boston Magazine’s Hall of Famers
quick bite: Cafe Sauvage

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