Weekly Roundup: Week 6 – 2023

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Sunday 2.5
I woke up in St. Louis but now I am back in Boston. Before I left, I had one last. meal with my mom, my brother, and his family. My mom suggested Silver Pancake House in Warson Woods. I had two eggs, over easy, two sausage patties, a mound of hash browns, and two big pancakes with bananas and pecans in them. It was so much food even I couldn’t eat it all. As a result, I ate nothing else the rest of the day.

Monday 2.6
When I looked at the scale this morning, it was a little shocking, especially considering I didn’t even eat dinner last night. I tried to be mindful today. Back at work I had DeNo’s, but I just got a small roast beef sub and some chips. For dinner I made chicken noodle soup. My wife requested it. I did have two small pieces of garlic bread, but that was it for today. Hopefully this morning was just an anomaly.

Tuesday 2.7
I had an early meeting and then another appointment at noon. I knew I wasn’t going to get lunch, so I grab breakfast in between. I went to Ann’s Hand Cut Donuts. The place is a dump, but the food is actually pretty good. I got a buttercrunch donut and a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on an English muffin. Terribly overpriced at $9.00, but tasty. And again, the place is a dump.

On the way home from work I had to stop at the hardware store. It happens to be the only place I know that carries Chuckles. I bought a pack. My son got the red one. It’s the only flavor he will eat. My wife got the yellow one. She won’t eat the orange or the black. I got the last three.

For dinner I made spicy shrimp over rice. It was a take on my tequila shrimp recipe. Basically tequila, butter, shrimp, garlic, chipotles in adobo, and heavy cream. Having no cream, I subbed some sour cream and whole milk. I also added green pepper, jalapeno, and onion.

Wednesday 2.8
I had soup leftover from Monday so I took that to work with me. I ate it cold. I actually don’t object to cold chicken noodle soup. On the way home from work I stopped at Crosby’s. I picked up lettuce, tomato and onion to make a salad. I also got potatoes and pork. I made a simple salad dressing, mashed potatoes, and pork tenderloin . I got a bottle of pinot noir that was mediocre at best. I hope my new wine shipment arrives soon. I really wanted dessert tonight, but I settled for a cocktail made from rum cream, chocolate liqueur, a banana, and ice all mixed together like a milkshake.

Thursday 2.9
I woke up hungry and started my day with a bowl of oatmeal. I added maple syrup and dried cranberries to it. Not to bad, but for some reason not as good as the batch I made a few weeks back. I might make it again tomorrow and see if I can do better. I also needed a snack because a bowl of oatmeal wasn’t going to last me to dinner. I had a few mini pretzels and some of the sweet and spicy peanuts I got from Formaggio Kitchen.

Today is national pizza day. so of course for dinner I had a burrito. I was thinking about pizza all day, but I had two chicken thighs in the fridge so I cooked those instead. I seasoned them heavily with dark chili powder and cumin and fried them with some white onion. Then I made a sauce of chipotles in adobo, garlic, tomato paste, lime juice, and cilantro stems. Last I added a little water and some dried Mexican oregano and simmered it for a couple of hours. I served it with rice, sour cream, and cheese. I also had a half of a piece of carrot cake for dessert. I liked it. My wife thought it was terrible. However we both enjoyed the glass of Vermont Spirits No. 14 we drank with it.

Friday 2.10
Home with a sick kid and not much food left in the house. I made a vegetarian fried rice because I had absolutely no meat. I scrounged up some carrot, red onion, leftover rice, cilantro, and an egg. It was ok. Would have been better with some pork.

For dinner we ordered from New London. We got a steak and cheese and a grilled chicken sub and split them. We also got some mozzarella sticks and I stole a french fry or two that I got for my son. I’m trying to figure out how to finish my liquor closet. The shelving is becoming a conundrum.

Ok so I needed dessert. I ran out to Concord Market at the last minute. I got chocolate mousse and cheesecake. My wife at the cheesecake, I ate the mousse. We both had a bite of each others. I feel better now.

Saturday 2.11
Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Go Kansas City! I went to the store this morning to get provisions since we are watching from home for the first time in as long as I can remember. You will see all of that on my Instagram tomorrow and in the roundup next week. But I also don’t want to eat too much today so I don’t feel guilty about what I eat tomorrow. I got some rosemary ham to make sandwiches for lunch. I also got some steak to make a salad for dinner.

My sandwich was ham, smoked gouda, and dijon mustard on a slider roll. I had some Pop Corner chips with it. After lunch I stopped by my friend Michael’s house. He was smoking pork shoulder. We sat by his fire pit, chatted, and nibbled on some kielbasa for a bit.

For dinner, I made a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, scallion, cheese, and the steak I bought this morning. It was a New York strip. I admit that I buy the manager’s special all the time. My 14 year-old self would be horrified, but I cook it right away and it always tastes great. It’s hard to pass up NY strip for $10.99 a pound.

After dinner, I went back over to Michael’s. We went out for a drink, but before we did, I sampled the pork. I got an end piece. Very good.

I got an Instagram memory from two years ago. It was a picture of a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich from Anna’s. It had probably been two years since I was there, but I got the same thing. I guess there is something about this time of year that makes me want to go there. This wasn’t my most spectacular eating week. Even my cooking wasn’t as good as normal. My favorite thing I ate was probably the hash browns at Silver Pancake House. After that it was the spicy chicken burrito I made Thursday.

St. Louis: Silver Pancake House
quick bite: DeNo’s Pizza & Subs
Pork Tenderloin
Vermont Spirits No. 14

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